Carlow Residence

“We fell in love with the location and we saw what the house could be so we bought it.  When we approached Lisa we had some ideas about what we wanted from the kitchen space.  As we have two children, we wanted a bright, open space, with lots of practical storage solutions, and a contemporary style.  We wanted a space that would be the focal point of our newly renovated home. Lisa listened, helped us to put shape our ideas; and then took them to another level.

Lisa walked with us through what we wanted from the space; how we prepare meals;  what we stored in previous kitchens; how we saw ourselves living in the space with our children; and how we wanted to use the space for entertaining.  She brought pragmatism to the table and then used her creativity to produce a practical, beautiful, timeless space.

The kitchen area benefits from direct sunshine from morning to late afternoon. To maximise light, we vaulted the ceiling and installed some Velux windows. Lisa suggested we also install a full length glass door in the rear external wall, both to add more light but also to add an interesting new design feature to the room.

This, together with other design ideas from Lisa, ones we would never have thought of, resulted in a kitchen layout that has given us far more than we had ever expected.

Lisa brought us through all the colour and structural options, using various sample combinations to show us what we could achieve.  We decided on a soft Seashell tone with contrasting Bourbon Sinquastone worktop and upstands. We like the colours so much that we followed with a similar palette throughout the rest of the house

During installation, Lisa made several visits, keeping a close eye on every detail.

The kitchen space now suits us perfectly.  Practical, bold, beautiful.  We love it and it’s where we spend most of our time”

Billy Bolton