Waterford Residence

The Kissane family decided that their dark and narrow kitchen was no longer sufficient for their growing needs and took the brave step to do a complete transformation of their kitchen space. Beside the kitchen was an unused dining room, They combined the two rooms creating a space four times larger.

Because Michelle had specific requirements about where the cooker and sink should be placed, this determined the layout from an early stage. I designed beautiful shaker-style two-tone units, in contrasting ivory and walnut, with airy glass units to lighten the overall feel and a granite black work top to tie it all together. Brendan’s main requirement was a built in coffee machine, so I sourced a high-end Neff unit and seamlessly integrated it into the design.

Storage was key for this growing family, so we installed three wall units and a central island, allowing a good flow around the kitchen and oodles of space for pots, pans and all the bits & pieces.

The result was a light, bright and airy kitchen, which caters for the family’s needs and still leaves room for up or down-sizing, should their requirements change again in the future.

“We thought a kitchen renovation just meant picking out a new kitchen. Much more to it than that! Really glad we had Lisa to show us the way. Very, very happy with what we have now.”